Big flavour, small footprint!

At PI·RHO Grill we take our responsibility to the environment and to our community very seriously. Every detail is considered to ensure we build a more sustainable future. From our energy efficient lighting system and the use of reclaimed wood for our table construction, to our composting & recycling initiatives, we make sure you can enjoy a quality healthful meal, guilt free! If you have something to put in the garbage, you didn’t buy it here.

Packaging, done the right way.

Our team searched long and hard to find the perfect compostable packaging and containers. We are firmly committed to our ongoing goal of leading the way into a greener future, while providing an eco-friendly (and delicious!) dining experience.

A restaurant with a long-term vision.


Wherever possible, we source our menu items from local farms and suppliers. The shorter distances travelled means less traffic and less pollution. As well, with limited time between harvest and procurement, PI·RHO food is closer to its peak freshness.

Come taste the difference!