Delivering on the Passion and Pursuit of True Food

At PI·RHO, we strongly believe that the contents are just as important as the end-product… and sometimes even more so. This is reflected in our preference for top-quality ingredients of the utmost freshness locally sourced whenever possible. Using no fryers, zero preservatives and zero artificial ingredients — we do not use anything we cannot pronounce (except for Tzatziki and Quinoa… we love Tzatziki and Quinoa!)

Our Mediterranean Roots

We strongly believe that food can bring people together and inspire colorful conversations. PI·RHO culture is rooted in old-world Greek traditions with an emphasis on family and community. In the Mediterranean world, mealtime is a big family event. The wholesome ingredients, the careful preparation, the irresistible aromas, the delicious food and of course the human interaction all make for a warm and inviting atmosphere. During our visits to Greece, this nurturing environment left a deep and lasting impression with us. So much so that it led to the creation of PI·RHO True Food Grill. The best of Greece, right here in Ottawa! In our fast-paced world, taking the time to connect with friends and family has never been more important. You deserve to enjoy those precious moments and connect with your loved ones, in real life, with True Food. Join us for lunch or dinner at PI·RHO Grill and fuel your soul.

Fresh Starts Here

Our healthful, chef-driven, time-tested recipes are prepared using with the freshest ingredients of the highest quality. Our scratch kitchens are where the magic happens. Using no fryers, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients, we proudly craft all our marinades, dips, spreads, and dressings in house much like “Yiayia” (a Greek grandmother) does. Come taste the difference!

BIG Flavour, Small Footprint

We take our responsibility to the community and to the planet seriously. Whenever possible we source our ingredients from local farms and local suppliers. This commitment to reducing our carbon footprint extends to our green initiatives and eco-solutions. After all, there is no Planet B.